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There is also an indoor via ferrata in Kendal Climbing Wall that takes a route around the climbing areas on steel ladders and rungs. Despite its central position in the Alps, via ferratas took a long time to arrive in Switzerland. It was not until 1993 that the Tälli Klettersteig, the first real Swiss via ferrata (and still considered one of the best), was created on the sheer southern faces of Gadmer Flue in the Urner Alps. Even then nothing much further happened for several years, but in this century there has been a rapid development of via ferratas, with over 150 now listed.

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  • This allows climbing on otherwise dangerous routes without the risks of unprotected scrambling and climbing or the need for technical climbing equipment.
  • Again, preparation here is key – if you are uncertain of the weather forecast, don’t go, or aim to start early and finish early.
  • Rope and belay device – these items are optional and whether you take them will be based on the route you are climbing, the strength of your group and weather conditions.
  • Plus if you’re of an impatient disposition, taking forever to transition between each cable gets very frustrating very quickly.

ComparisonSchallHüslerFranceDescriptionA K1FStraightforward path, but exposed. Sure-footedness and a good head for heights are the main requirements.B K2 PDSome steep terrain, smaller footholds, but climbing aids provided. Some use of arms.C K3 AD Steep to very steep rock, adequate climbing aids, long ladders possible .

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It is important to check that the via ferrata lanyard is fully functional prior to its use. Once the shock absorber has been deployed, the entire lanyard must be replaced. Visually inspecting the hop over to this site EDELRID via ferrata lanyards is quick and easy. Simply open the shock absorber’s bag and check for red indicator threads—these will only be visible if the shock absorber has been subjected to a fall or critical load.

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However, if you favour a combination of both, you can climb a mountain by a via ferrata – a protected climbing route. For many years via ferratas were climbed using simple equipment – carabiners fixed to short lengths of rope or slings attached to a chest harness, on the basis that one would not fall very far. However, it gradually became apparent that these systems did not prevent serious injury. With only a short length of rope to absorb the energy of a fall which can be much longer, the fall factor can be high.

This enables even children and light climbers to enjoy safe and carefree via ferrata experiences. Via Ferrata is a mountaineering experience utilizing a steel cable, which runs along the climbing route and is periodically fixed to the rock every 3–30 ft. Using a Via Ferrata kit, climbers can secure themselves to the cable with modern climbing harnesses, thus limiting the chance of falling. The cable aids guests with ascending and safety, while additional climbing aids, such as iron rungs, pegs and a suspension bridge, provide excitement and control on this exhilarating mountain adventure. Often there will be sections which are moderately to very exposed, so a head for heights is essential. So at a minimum you should have some walking and preferably scrambling experience.

Torrent Falls, Kentuckys Red River Gorge

Past the reservoir, head right towards the valley station of the two-country chairlift. Via the hiking trail to the Fiderepasshütte, after approx. 20 minutes we reach the junction of the approach, shortly afterwards follow the climbing lanes up to the foot of the wall and to the start of the two-country via ferrata on the Kanzelwand. You’re high up in the mountains and balancing your way across a wobbly suspension bridge. Below, a raging waterfall plummets into the abyss while ahead, a steep mountain face with unique rock formations marks your way to the summit.

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After the approach, you’ll find 1 mile of steel cable for protected climbing on steep sandstone cliffs. And, there’s also a 200-foot-long suspension bridge to cross along the way (deep breaths pre-crossing recommended!). The bridge is close to 150 feet off the ground and has views of the Allegheny Mountains, and West Virginia’s highest point, Spruce Knob. The Torrent Falls ferrata tours are run by the Southeast Mountain Guides.